Random Acts of Kindness Project


The Morris Lions Club Announces the launch of the

“Random Acts of Kindness Project”

Lion Larry Johnson of the Morris Lions Club launched a “Random Acts of Kindness Project” at the club’s biweekly meeting on Thursday, September 20, 2018.  For eighty years the Morris Lions Club has donated funds to support many individuals, organizations, and groups throughout our community. Donations are usually made at the recommendation of the membership and approved by the board.

The “Random Acts of Kindness Project” empowers individual members to make a difference in our community. Morris Lions Club members will have the opportunity to donate up to $100.00 each as a “Random Act of Kindness to individuals in our community who just need some help”.

According to Morris Lions Club President, Lion Jeff Hanford, “The goal of the Random Acts of Kindness Project is to give each member a personal say in how some of the money they have helped raise is donated in our community”. This program will create up to sixty-four ambassadors from our club to do something nice during this season of giving and sharing. It is another way for Morris Lions to thank the community for supporting our club and the many other projects we do throughout the year.”

28th Annual Car Raffle Sale is going on now!

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