Read Between the Lions

One of our global causes is Vision. “Read Between the Lions” Program addresses those who need help being able to read.

What is Read Between the Lions?

Read Between the Lions Reading Skills Program is designed to identify a lack of coordinated jump eye movements necessary for reading. Three timed eye movement tests are done usually taking about 5 minutes.
Statistically, 20% of the population, through all ages, cannot track for reading using jump eye movements. The next step is to offer effective, user-friendly remediation proven to train the eye muscles to work together by using repetitive focusing techniques.

Detection can be done starting with first graders (6 years old )

This program is brought to you at NO CHARGE by members of the Morris Lions Club and local volunteers.

For more information OR to make an appointment for individuals or groups contact
Larry or Joanne Johnson at 815-343-0672 or e-mail at


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